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NicQuid couponFounded in 2002 and with thoughts based more on superior quality rather than quantity, NicQuid is an e liquid company based in Ohio. This company does not just sell e-juice; they are sellers of great flavors of the same. They are ISO certified and their manufacturing rooms in Ohio are cleaner and safer that an average kitchen that is subject to bleach every evening.

They are able to maintain uniform standards of cleanliness and quality production because NicQuid are the only ones who use these laboratories. To come up with the perfect flavor, the company spends months conducting tests, refining the recipes used and choosing the most favorable ingredients. They have a very robust quality assurance process to ensure that the consumer gets the best and the most perfect flavor.

Being one of the founding members of an organization that is meant to ensure: that the manufacturing methods used on all e-liquids are safe, that the labeling is accurate, that all products are free from contamination, American E- liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), NicQuid strives to ensure that all its products are safe for consumption and that users will not fall ill for taking their products.

NicQuid ensures that all its ingredients are stamped for approval and that the ingredients used and used with food grade food colorings and flavors. Their nicotine is also tested before it is shipped out. Their methods are all careful and tested to ensure that the consumer gets nothing but the best and that they remain reliable. Being loyal to NicQuid will not get you on the wrong side of things.

Quality is not the only focus that NicQuid customers can rely on. They can also rely on the great line up of finelytuned high quality e- liquid flavors that allow them over 40 choices. The company boosts of unique tobacco blends, an excellent assortment of dessert and fruit flavors and the menthol and minty options they have for their customers.

All these are available at five different nicotine levels including 1mg, 6 mg 18 mg and 24mg per ml they maintain a PG/VG ration of about 60/40. The PG level is high so that you can get a good hit on the throat and yet still feel the extra sweetness, the viscosity and the vapor production caused by the VG.

NicQuid likes to appreciate its loyal customers in style. This year and for the festivities ahead NicQuid offers its clients a NicQuid coupon as a away of ensuring customers can get the same quality but for a lot less. This is an offer that is only useful to the loyal customers of the NicQuid products.

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