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mt baker vapor promo codeMt. Baker Vapor was able to establish a good name by producing quality and well selected vape products.

Over the years, the company was able to provide various electronic cigarette products that are personalized and have been specifically designed to cater to a wide audience.

It is a one stop shop for electronic cigarette gadgets; they are offering e-juices, accessories as well as hardware. The online e-cigarette gear company is also offering a reliable shipping service worldwide. The thing that set this company apart is the fact that they make actual products that vape users really need.

The key is offering realistic cigarettes that are functional. The products are well researched and processed well, the company started out as a humble homemade lamp in Bellingham, WA.

It was started by James Thompson, by continuously implementing reliable service and dealership, he and his partners were able to formulate reliable solutions for individuals who have switched to e-cigarettes.

He himself, was attracted with electronic cigarettes, and switched to this lifestyle instead of traditional smoking; He realized the value of stopping the habit of actual smoking, and using alternatives that would actually change lives.

Mt Baker Vapor was able to retain its vision and mission, the company follows the ideals of evolution, efficiency and outstanding customer service and this is what the brand has been known for ever since.

The one motto that they live by is to help people stop smoking cigarettes, their employees are taught this purpose and this is a motivating force that continues to move the company forward.

The flavors of the products that they are releasing are unique; they are offering a juicy watermelon that could be inhaled, and is blended well with menthol taste,

The vape product leaves an after taste, they are enticing to the taste buds, and could get any vape hobbyists to enjoy.

One of the top products that Baker Vapor is known for is the Thug Juice E Juice Baker Vapor.

This product is a fusion of melon and berries, and has been created with delicious balance, it is a fruity vape.

The nicotine juice that they are producing such as this are 100% made from the United States, and come in a variety of blends and strengths.

It is guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds and nicotine cravings of customers.

The packaging of the products have also been carefully planned, it comes with childproof dropper bottles.

Each of the Juice for the vape is freshly mixed, in order to guarantee that no old stocks will reach clients.

Best of all, the e-juices are easily shipped out within 24 hours of order time.

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