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Lightning Vape couponIn the industry of e-cigarettes, there are lots of entrepreneurs advertise their products to the different media outlets, but only some qualifie to proceed on making their company’s name cited by different smokers. One company example of this is Lightning Vapes, launched on the year 2015 in Bradenton Florida. Their company has been featured many times especially on blog site for their quality products and effective customer services.

E- Liquid Bottles and Flavor

The company had made bottles for every electronic cigarette. They vary from 10 ml to 30 ml that comes for only $5 to $6. Their e- liquids have a reputation and are famous to other user because of the different satisfying flavors that they have. That includes, Almond Joule, Butter Bolt, Lightning Loops, Meringue Monsoon, Peanut Butter Bond and many other choices on the site. The flavors are both available on their MAX VG line and Traditional Line. Prices starts at $8.00 for both traditional and MAX VG flavors but with this Lightning vapes coupon you can save a few bucks.

Wick Materials and Battery Cases and Chargers

Their wick products are Cotton Bacon which is ready to use with no boiling needed for $5.99. The Ekowool SCN Silica Core Series starts at $4.00 and has features like genuine ekowool braided silica and core wick. The Stainless steel cable wick is $6.99 and has the specific feature of having a 7×19 braid with no Nylon. Their battery products and cases were 18650 Sle Cse, Zipper Case 2x 26650 for their battery cases. They also offer, Efest LUC Blu6, Nitecore i4 and D2 and many choices that start at $2.99 to $3.99 for cases and $19.99 to $52.98 for the prices of chargers.

Wire and Coil Heads

Lightning Vapes sells their own product of wires such as, Annealed Nickel Wire NI200 which is NON RESISTANCE at the price of $4.00, Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire even if with gauges at lower price of $2.55, Nichrome Series 80 Resistance Wire for starting price of $2.90 and many others to choose from on their site. In addition, the Lightning Vape provides coil heads brands to choose from like, Kanger Protank/ Evod Coil Head Assembly for $5.00, Sense Herakles Coil Head for $13.49 for pack of 5, Smok TFV 4 Replacement Coil Heads and Uwell Crown Coils 4 pack with prices starts at $7.99 to $10.99.

Batteries and Drip Tips

They offer long lasting and rechargeable batteries such as Efest IMR 18650 35A battery with 3000 mAh for the price of $9.99, LG HB2 18650 30A 1500mAh LGDAHB21865n Flat Tops that costs $7.49 and many other choices. They also have customized drip tip such as Custom Acrylic Drip Tip and Custom Delrin Drip Tips for $25.00 for both.
Lightning Vapes has totally has great products, and also provides excellent customer service which is more advantageous in today’s market. They had been selling a product that has been carefully examined by their staff for excellent quality, performance and durability.  Visit Lightning Vapes today!