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Vista vapors happens to be a Minnesota based e-liquid dealer that is widely noted for its range of top quality e-juice products which it offers to its clients. This company specializes in both standard as well as premium products, and boasts of an extensive selection. Which makes it infinitely convenient to settle for only the e-liquids that can seamlessly match your distinct tastes and preferences. This company groups it range of e-liquids into different categories, which includes candy, fruit, dessert, mint, drinks, menthol, tobacco and even specials. All of which add up to a breathtaking more than four million flavor combinations.

What is the main appeal of Vista vapors?

In essence, Vista vapors is highly acclaimed for facilitating for a rewarding and very unique means in which its clients, on a global scale, can mix and match the flavors they prefer. This goes a long way in allowing both experienced and budding vapers to effortlessly, and more to the point, conveniently customize the e-juice bottles they purchase. By opting for this one of a kind service, you will be able to place yourself in an excellent position of mixing a wide variety flavor ingredients in accordance to your exact inclinations. At the same time, you will also be given an invaluable opportunity to settle for the ideal nicotine strength that appeal to you. Currently this firm offers seven different nicotine concentrations. This vary from 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 8 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg.

Vista vapors also make it a point, to facilitate an excellent platform where clients can customize PG and VG ratios. While on the other hand, you will also be able to add extra boosts, which for those who may not be in the know means adding extra flavors to the e-liquids bottles you can settle for. These extra boosts can be incremented with ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent, forty and lastly fifty percent. From which you can easily select the one that fits your tastes and preferences to the T. This firm, like earlier noted, offers both premium and standard e-juice bottles that come with varying sizes of from 17 ml, 32 ml, 52 ml and finally the 102 ml. Besides all this, this company allows its customers to give the concoction they settle for a unique name, which will be printed on the bottles that are eventually shipped to you.

The official website of this Minnesota based e-liquid dealer is noted for its unparalleled user friendliness, and its crammed with numerous resources. All of which can enable you to determine the very best product for your exact inclinations. To begin with, each and every single e-juice flavors it offers to its clients come with invaluable reviews from past customers. This can be especially helpful for those individuals, who may for one reason or the other wish to try their hand at new e-liquid flavors or even styles. Additionally, all these different products Vista vapors provides have their own star rating, which can permit you to determine just which e-juice can be ideal for you. This is totally based on the product’s popularity among the vapers that rely on this company to obtain the e-liquids they love or have once given a try.

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mt baker vapor promo codeMt. Baker Vapor was able to establish a good name by producing quality and well selected vape products.

Over the years, the company was able to provide various electronic cigarette products that are personalized and have been specifically designed to cater to a wide audience.

It is a one stop shop for electronic cigarette gadgets; they are offering e-juices, accessories as well as hardware. The online e-cigarette gear company is also offering a reliable shipping service worldwide. The thing that set this company apart is the fact that they make actual products that vape users really need.

The key is offering realistic cigarettes that are functional. The products are well researched and processed well, the company started out as a humble homemade lamp in Bellingham, WA.

It was started by James Thompson, by continuously implementing reliable service and dealership, he and his partners were able to formulate reliable solutions for individuals who have switched to e-cigarettes.

He himself, was attracted with electronic cigarettes, and switched to this lifestyle instead of traditional smoking; He realized the value of stopping the habit of actual smoking, and using alternatives that would actually change lives.

Mt Baker Vapor was able to retain its vision and mission, the company follows the ideals of evolution, efficiency and outstanding customer service and this is what the brand has been known for ever since.

The one motto that they live by is to help people stop smoking cigarettes, their employees are taught this purpose and this is a motivating force that continues to move the company forward.

The flavors of the products that they are releasing are unique; they are offering a juicy watermelon that could be inhaled, and is blended well with menthol taste,

The vape product leaves an after taste, they are enticing to the taste buds, and could get any vape hobbyists to enjoy.

One of the top products that Baker Vapor is known for is the Thug Juice E Juice Baker Vapor.

This product is a fusion of melon and berries, and has been created with delicious balance, it is a fruity vape.

The nicotine juice that they are producing such as this are 100% made from the United States, and come in a variety of blends and strengths.

It is guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds and nicotine cravings of customers.

The packaging of the products have also been carefully planned, it comes with childproof dropper bottles.

Each of the Juice for the vape is freshly mixed, in order to guarantee that no old stocks will reach clients.

Best of all, the e-juices are easily shipped out within 24 hours of order time.

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ZampleBox discountZampleBox has been on the market shelves since October. ZampleBox is one of the earliest e-liquid subscription companies. The headquarters is based in Redmond, Washington. The company has two types of memberships. The first membership is called gold while the second one is called silver.

If you sign up for the standard membership, you receive at least five 60ml of ZampleBox e-liquid bottles. On the other hand, if you subscribe for the gold membership, you receive 10 bottles. Each bottle has at least 120ml of e-liquid.

You don’t need to get an invite in order to register for an account. ZampleBox works with sub-contractors such as Johnson Creek and NicQuid, Golden Drops, The Starndad Vape and Alpha Vape. Consumers can choose either the standard memberships that go for $24.99 or the gold membership that costs $44.99 including shipping costs.

Additionally, the company has now introduced several nicotine preferences. A customer can choose the 6mg, 18mg/ml or 0mg.

Also, consumers are charged on the same date every month and can terminate at any time. Boxes are sent to consumers at the start of the month and has different e –liquids from different vendors and also “member-only coupons as well as discounts.


Vapebox requires one to be invited through their official website, and the whole process takes about 3 days to finish. Members have the option to subscribe packages that start from $23 to $64. Subscription costs include shipping charges. Customers have the option to select different nicotine preferences i.e. 0. 6, 12, 18mg.

The Drip Club

Like ZampleBox, The Drip Club has no invite requirement when one is signing up. Once you register for an account, you can select any of the available flavor preferences VG/PG ratio as well as nicotine level. Additionally, members can opt to pay monthly, every 3 months or 6 months.

Easy Vape Club

It is a company that is located in Los Angeles. Easy Vape Club allows members to select the juice of their choice in each box. Also, members pay every month on the same day the registered.


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Vapor Beast discount codeThese days, vaping is at rage everywhere. Many people are preferring vaping over traditional forms of smoking like cigarettes. As the e-cig seem to be better than the traditional cigarettes in terms of benefits, more and more people are turning to vaping. If you want to enhance your vaping experience or you are new to vaping, the Vapor Beast is the perfect solution for you. Beginners, as well as the experienced, will find everything to suit their needs, tastes and wallets by using Vapor Beast.

Customer Friendly Website

The Vapor Beast Website offers the best experience to the customers. The website is easy to navigate, even for a beginner.

The” New to Vaping” section offers all the information including benefits, side effects, and safe ways to go about vaping.

The customers will find that with sections like Accessories, DIY, E-liquid and Rebuildables. Also they will receive complete information about the products and their price range.

In the E-liquids sections, the customers can choose from a variety of Vapor Beast house blends from zero nicotine to 25mg.

The price range of the Vapor Beast is very reasonable and will not make a dent in your wallet. The E-liquids start at $8.99 whereas the accessories start at $5.95. You can purchase the starter kits from $12.95 to $116.49 as per your choice.

Wholesale Prices 

If some customers want to start their own business, then the Vapor Beast offers them wholesale prices for their products. This means that the Vapor Beast offers you a chance to grow with them.

Affiliates are encouraged to promote this awesome product by giving a percentage of the sale if a reader visits the Vapor Beast website from the affiliate’s link and makes a purchase.Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Same day shipping, prompt customer service and user-friendly website makes Vapor Beast a happy experience for every customer. The Vapor Beast also offers you a secure website so that your credit card details are safe and no one can misuse it. Be sure to check it out and use the Vapor Beast discount provided above to save on your next or first order!

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Vivid Smoke couponOne of the interesting things you will come to understand about the vivid smoke is that it will prevent you from emanating that stinky and smelly stench that comes with other ordinary cigarettes. Through the introduction of its online platform in 2010 vivid smoke has been offering its clients different categories of its e-cigs products. This ranges from vape kits, accessories, e-liquids and aesthetic devices.

Packages By Vivid Smoke

If you are a beginner, you will get acquainted to the packages that are available for starters. They have been categorized according to gold, silver and bronze which are meant for experienced clients, those at the middle level and for the novice respectively.

The available kits that you can come across at the Vivid Smoke include the eGo-C, KTS Telescope, eGo-V and His and Her packages. They actually vary in different affordable prices where you can purchase the KTS Telescope at a cost of only $84.99.

Another high quality and affordable package is the MVP kit (which contains clearomizers) that you can get it at $64.99. There is also the stock for the JoyeTech eVic Supreme which has amazing features such as high voltage ( a maximum of 6 volts), long lasting battery( 2100-mAh), and a thread which can be changed. Besides, it is very efficient while you are using it.

There is also the stock for the JoyeTech eVic Supreme which has amazing features such as high voltage ( a maximum of 6 volts), long lasting battery( 2100-mAh), and a thread which can be changed. Besides, it is very efficient while you are using it.

Some of the tanks and atomizers that have been stocked include Anyvape Peakomizer, Glassomizer, Anyvape Davide, Aspire K1 BVC and Kanger Giant Aerotank.

What you will clearly come to understand about Vivid Smoke is that it puts into account the value of your money besides offering you products that meet your needs. For instance, the clones that are found here include Fogger, Plume Veil, Tobh, and Stillare that you can comfortably afford. Other collections include the ready-made combos and the E-juice which

For instance, the clones that are found here include Fogger, Plume Veil, Tobh, and Stillare that you can comfortably afford. Other collections include the ready-made combos and the E-juice which has 29 different products.

Different E-cigs

The two major kinds that you will encounter are the mechanical ones and the digital forms. Some common types of the mechanical mod include the Sir Lancelot available at $54.99 and come in white, black or copper color.

The digital form includes the Sigelei 30W tube mod that cost $79.99 whereas for the 100W mod can cost you $94.99.

As you select these products, they will constantly vary according to their tube, hybrid, the box format or even their finishing. The choice will actually rely on you.

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Mig Cigs couponMig Cigs is an electronic cigarettes manufacturer who has an unending dedication to offering e-cig users with nothing other than the best e-cigs as well as exclusive electronic liquids (e-liquids). If you have no experience whatsoever when it comes to using electronic cigarettes then Mig Cigs are the place to have your first puff at. It isn’t a secret that Mig cigs make high-grade e-liquid while only using quality ingredients to make the experience all worthwhile. They have wasted no expense whatsoever when it comes to producing different flavor variants to make it all interesting as well. Their major flavors include fruity loops, strawberries, vanilla, Caribbean freeze menthol, etc.

The major highlight why Mig Cigs is the best option when you want to vape cheap with its competitive price range coupled with its promotions i.e. Mig cigs discount codes. Vaping with Mig Cig you earn a free shipping ticket of your products worth well over $75. Below this dollar margin, however, will cost you a small shipping fee eventually. Mig Cigs also support you via live chat, phone as well as email, and offer a referral and a reward program.

When it comes to Mig cigs promotions you are offered a chance to get their outstanding products at discounted amounts of up to 20% off. Other discounts go for as low as 10% off. Trust me, if you value vaping cheap then Mig Cigs are the place you should turn to. As a matter of fact, you can get coupon promotions which offer a 20% off their new premium priced MigQuid e-liquid.

It is one heck of a promotion given to the fact that Mig Cigs has well over 14 kit variants of a different style. Mig Cigs products have a lot of firepower when in use and will offer you a heightened smoking pleasure eventually even if you are an advanced e-cig user. Mig Cigs work perfectly for both the novice e-cig smoker and the e-cig veteran.

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Efun Top coupon

This season is a time to have great fun with the best electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies. It is a time to get some for your friends and family too give them the chance to have a great time with you. It is also a way for you to relax and catch up.

Get some friends and sit discussing the year that has been: making jokes about the times that were particularly tough, times that got your adrenaline running and you thought that was probably the end of you. However, you defeated the odds and the year was otherwise pleasant but hectic and tiresome. It is a time to know what your friends have been doing. However, counting the travel expenses, the gift expenses, the meal expenses amongst many other costs that come with the holiday, you may really not have that much money left.

The festive season always brings with them extra expenses and at the back of your mind you keep remembering that you still have to pay for school and other bills early next year. This may have you miss out on a lot of fun and quality friends time.

Efun Top, like many other stores such as VaporDNA, DirectVapor, and Black Note e-liquid, offer a wide range of vaping supplies and e-liquids. These vape stores offer the most reasonable prices we’ve seen from any store but you can always save even more by using the available discounts and deals. You can also search sites like for additional coupons for other vape shops.

However, the global supplier of e-cig and vaping supplies does not want you to ruin your fun looking at the budget. The company is offering you a festivities gift for you and your friends to enjoy. You cannot go wrong with Efun Top promo codes. You will get amazing discounts on the product s you buy, enough to buy and still save some money to use on other expenses you may find yourself with.

This fact added to the fact that Efun Top ships its products from the warehouse in the United States where they have great prices that are very affordable which would normally save you money with or without the coupon codes, you are guaranteed to have fun.

The amazing low prices added with the amazing discounts gotten from the Efun Top discount codes, you will be guaranteed a great time. Now you can relax, catch up with friends without worrying about spending too much.

Efun Top deal update: It seems that Efun.Top has introduced many new deals during the holiday season. Be sure to check them out soon and take advantage of the offers.

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E-cig Express couponE-cigs are a growing commodity, and so are the online stores that sell them. With all of the parts needed to use an e-cig, along with the growing popularity, coupons have started to spring up all across the internet. With hundreds of coupons popping up, it’s easy to get quick deals on everything e-cig related. E-Cig Express is a company that sells e-cigs and has many coupons online. A simple google search reveals their coupons and those coupon codes. It’s simple and easy and their coupons are generous.

With coupons, it makes it easier to buy the e-cig products that you may need. With dozens of new brands on the market, and new brands popping up regularly it’s hard to get a good deal on e-Cigs. With coupons, though, especially those as generous as the folks at E-Cig Express are giving, your e-cig products are much cheaper for the same quality. You can use coupons on all E-Cig Express products such as the Aspire Platinum Kit, or the Ego One Mini.

There are masses of e-cigs on the market, and some of them can get quite expensive. With quality in mind, you want the best experience you can get with an e-cig. If you find a coupon, like E-cig Express’s 10% coupon, then it’s much cheaper. You get the same quality product with a price cut, making everyone happy. E-cig Express made a sale, and you got the e-cig you’ve been eyeing at a cheaper price.

Anyone can try an e-cig, they’re friendlier to the environment and are growing in popularity. It’s always nice, though, to get a deal on something you are interested in buying anyway. The next time you’re looking for an e-cig, or if you’re friends or family is looking to buy one, make sure they go for the e-cig with the right price.

Lightning Vapes Coupon

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Lightning Vape couponIn the industry of e-cigarettes, there are lots of entrepreneurs advertise their products to the different media outlets, but only some qualifie to proceed on making their company’s name cited by different smokers. One company example of this is Lightning Vapes, launched on the year 2015 in Bradenton Florida. Their company has been featured many times especially on blog site for their quality products and effective customer services.

E- Liquid Bottles and Flavor

The company had made bottles for every electronic cigarette. They vary from 10 ml to 30 ml that comes for only $5 to $6. Their e- liquids have a reputation and are famous to other user because of the different satisfying flavors that they have. That includes, Almond Joule, Butter Bolt, Lightning Loops, Meringue Monsoon, Peanut Butter Bond and many other choices on the site. The flavors are both available on their MAX VG line and Traditional Line. Prices starts at $8.00 for both traditional and MAX VG flavors but with this Lightning vapes coupon you can save a few bucks.

Wick Materials and Battery Cases and Chargers

Their wick products are Cotton Bacon which is ready to use with no boiling needed for $5.99. The Ekowool SCN Silica Core Series starts at $4.00 and has features like genuine ekowool braided silica and core wick. The Stainless steel cable wick is $6.99 and has the specific feature of having a 7×19 braid with no Nylon. Their battery products and cases were 18650 Sle Cse, Zipper Case 2x 26650 for their battery cases. They also offer, Efest LUC Blu6, Nitecore i4 and D2 and many choices that start at $2.99 to $3.99 for cases and $19.99 to $52.98 for the prices of chargers.

Wire and Coil Heads

Lightning Vapes sells their own product of wires such as, Annealed Nickel Wire NI200 which is NON RESISTANCE at the price of $4.00, Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire even if with gauges at lower price of $2.55, Nichrome Series 80 Resistance Wire for starting price of $2.90 and many others to choose from on their site. In addition, the Lightning Vape provides coil heads brands to choose from like, Kanger Protank/ Evod Coil Head Assembly for $5.00, Sense Herakles Coil Head for $13.49 for pack of 5, Smok TFV 4 Replacement Coil Heads and Uwell Crown Coils 4 pack with prices starts at $7.99 to $10.99.

Batteries and Drip Tips

They offer long lasting and rechargeable batteries such as Efest IMR 18650 35A battery with 3000 mAh for the price of $9.99, LG HB2 18650 30A 1500mAh LGDAHB21865n Flat Tops that costs $7.49 and many other choices. They also have customized drip tip such as Custom Acrylic Drip Tip and Custom Delrin Drip Tips for $25.00 for both.
Lightning Vapes has totally has great products, and also provides excellent customer service which is more advantageous in today’s market. They had been selling a product that has been carefully examined by their staff for excellent quality, performance and durability.  Visit Lightning Vapes today!

Viper Vape Coupon

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Viper Vape couponViper Vape is a company that provides e- cigarette users a new and innovative e-cigs on the market. It was founded in 2011 and its mission is to be exclusively providing the highest quality of vaping products on the market and giving each customer the best customer service they love to have. Their product was solely made in the USA and is known for its best testing juice on the market.

The products of Viper Vape Company is made with dedication by the experts of the brand. They are said to provide a quality and effective product that the customers have loved so far.

Starter Kits 

The company has different starter kits that each customer can choose from; the standard kits, variable voltage kits, and MOD kits. Standard kits have lot of options to choose from such as, Aspire CF Platinum Kit for $99.99, Joyetech eGo One Standard Kit 1100mAh for $54. 99, Joyetech Mini Evic-VTC full kit for the price of $74.99, and many other choices. The variable voltage kit offers products such as Aspire CF Platinum Kit, Aspire Elite Kit, Aspire Odyssey sub Ohm Kit that has starting prices of $119.99 to $99.99. And lastly, MOD starter kits provides products such as Aspire Odyssey Sub Ohm Kit, CKS Praxis Mod and Derringer RDA Combo, Eleaf 40W iStick GS TC Tank Kit and more. You can also ave on your next starter kit using the Viper Vape Coupon.

E liquid

They offer products such as 1904 Hustler products for $11.99 for each flavor, 5150 different flavors, 9South Vapes Cereal Killa flavors for $19.99, Adam Bomb flavors, Bamboo elixir, Beard vape, Blue label, Boilermaker, Boosted, Brewell and Broken bottle for the same price of $11.99 to $19.99.

Accessories and Batteries

Accessories and batteries complete the over all features of the product. They offer adapter, apparel, cases, charger, drip tips, e- liquid containers and misc that give affordable and quality prices and products. Viper Vape also provides quality batteries that would perfectly sustain longer lifespan on your vape. In addition from that, they products for replacing each parts such as coils, RBA and RDA and Misc. it is totally a great pleasure if you can avail all of their great offers.
Because of its reputation in the industry, greatest manufactures and producers gives them the right to handle their products. And with that thought, Viper Vape products are highly recommended for all the vapers out there that are looking for an affordable e-cigarette. Some of the best brands include, Limitless Mods, 1904 Hustler E-liquid, Tobeco, Amera Vape, Beyond Vape, Efest, Dynsty, Thunderhead Cfreations, The Council of vapor and many others.

Lastly, the company has given lot of beneficial rights, discounts, clearances and daily specials to the consumer. They give Terms and Conditions, coupon code restrictions, the customer Opt-out rights, warranty disclaimer, limitation of liability and others that are in accordance to each customers rights. In overall, it is a great decision if you let yourself to choose Viper Vape products upon shopping for your e-cig needs.