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Viper Vape couponViper Vape is a company that provides e- cigarette users a new and innovative e-cigs on the market. It was founded in 2011 and its mission is to be exclusively providing the highest quality of vaping products on the market and giving each customer the best customer service they love to have. Their product was solely made in the USA and is known for its best testing juice on the market.

The products of Viper Vape Company is made with dedication by the experts of the brand. They are said to provide a quality and effective product that the customers have loved so far.

Starter Kits 

The company has different starter kits that each customer can choose from; the standard kits, variable voltage kits, and MOD kits. Standard kits have lot of options to choose from such as, Aspire CF Platinum Kit for $99.99, Joyetech eGo One Standard Kit 1100mAh for $54. 99, Joyetech Mini Evic-VTC full kit for the price of $74.99, and many other choices. The variable voltage kit offers products such as Aspire CF Platinum Kit, Aspire Elite Kit, Aspire Odyssey sub Ohm Kit that has starting prices of $119.99 to $99.99. And lastly, MOD starter kits provides products such as Aspire Odyssey Sub Ohm Kit, CKS Praxis Mod and Derringer RDA Combo, Eleaf 40W iStick GS TC Tank Kit and more. You can also ave on your next starter kit using the Viper Vape Coupon.

E liquid

They offer products such as 1904 Hustler products for $11.99 for each flavor, 5150 different flavors, 9South Vapes Cereal Killa flavors for $19.99, Adam Bomb flavors, Bamboo elixir, Beard vape, Blue label, Boilermaker, Boosted, Brewell and Broken bottle for the same price of $11.99 to $19.99.

Accessories and Batteries

Accessories and batteries complete the over all features of the product. They offer adapter, apparel, cases, charger, drip tips, e- liquid containers and misc that give affordable and quality prices and products. Viper Vape also provides quality batteries that would perfectly sustain longer lifespan on your vape. In addition from that, they products for replacing each parts such as coils, RBA and RDA and Misc. it is totally a great pleasure if you can avail all of their great offers.
Because of its reputation in the industry, greatest manufactures and producers gives them the right to handle their products. And with that thought, Viper Vape products are highly recommended for all the vapers out there that are looking for an affordable e-cigarette. Some of the best brands include, Limitless Mods, 1904 Hustler E-liquid, Tobeco, Amera Vape, Beyond Vape, Efest, Dynsty, Thunderhead Cfreations, The Council of vapor and many others.

Lastly, the company has given lot of beneficial rights, discounts, clearances and daily specials to the consumer. They give Terms and Conditions, coupon code restrictions, the customer Opt-out rights, warranty disclaimer, limitation of liability and others that are in accordance to each customers rights. In overall, it is a great decision if you let yourself to choose Viper Vape products upon shopping for your e-cig needs.

NicQuid Coupon

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NicQuid couponFounded in 2002 and with thoughts based more on superior quality rather than quantity, NicQuid is an e liquid company based in Ohio. This company does not just sell e-juice; they are sellers of great flavors of the same. They are ISO certified and their manufacturing rooms in Ohio are cleaner and safer that an average kitchen that is subject to bleach every evening.

They are able to maintain uniform standards of cleanliness and quality production because NicQuid are the only ones who use these laboratories. To come up with the perfect flavor, the company spends months conducting tests, refining the recipes used and choosing the most favorable ingredients. They have a very robust quality assurance process to ensure that the consumer gets the best and the most perfect flavor.

Being one of the founding members of an organization that is meant to ensure: that the manufacturing methods used on all e-liquids are safe, that the labeling is accurate, that all products are free from contamination, American E- liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA), NicQuid strives to ensure that all its products are safe for consumption and that users will not fall ill for taking their products.

NicQuid ensures that all its ingredients are stamped for approval and that the ingredients used and used with food grade food colorings and flavors. Their nicotine is also tested before it is shipped out. Their methods are all careful and tested to ensure that the consumer gets nothing but the best and that they remain reliable. Being loyal to NicQuid will not get you on the wrong side of things.

Quality is not the only focus that NicQuid customers can rely on. They can also rely on the great line up of finelytuned high quality e- liquid flavors that allow them over 40 choices. The company boosts of unique tobacco blends, an excellent assortment of dessert and fruit flavors and the menthol and minty options they have for their customers.

All these are available at five different nicotine levels including 1mg, 6 mg 18 mg and 24mg per ml they maintain a PG/VG ration of about 60/40. The PG level is high so that you can get a good hit on the throat and yet still feel the extra sweetness, the viscosity and the vapor production caused by the VG.

NicQuid likes to appreciate its loyal customers in style. This year and for the festivities ahead NicQuid offers its clients a NicQuid coupon as a away of ensuring customers can get the same quality but for a lot less. This is an offer that is only useful to the loyal customers of the NicQuid products.

For every dollar you spend on a NicQiud product, you earn yourself 5 points, writing a review on the products you liked earns you 10 points and so do newsletters. When you refer a friend you earn 200 points and 5% of the subsequent rewards. It takes 100 points to get one dollar taken off of your order. You can also get more off your order by getting a NicQuid coupon code.

Vapor Alley Coupon

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Vapor Alley couponHave you planned to buy a vaping device in order to get rid of the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes? Do you have a tight budget and thereby are willing to buy an e- cigarette at an affordable price? Then it will certainly be wise for you to avail Vapor Alley and get the opportunity to buy latest vaporizers at an affordable price. Below are discussed some of the vital facts about this unique coupon for genuine vaporizers at cheaper rates.

  • Who is offering this coupon?

Vapor Alley is a top e-cig brand whom has been in this line of selling various types of vaporizers since the year 2009. With the help of the Vapor Alley coupon, you will be able to buy personal vapers that have been thoroughly tested by the professionals. You will certainly also have the opportunity to purchase some products that are not available in various other stores.

  • Will get to enjoy discount up to 50%

This is also one of the unique features of this coupon. According to sources, it has been found that a valuable customer will get to enjoy a great percentage off various ranges of products that are being sold by Vapor Alley. Since this store only sells vaporizers manufactured by reputed brands, you will certainly be able to enjoy good quality vaping devices at an affordable price.

  • Will also be able to buy vaping accessories at a cheap price

This is certainly one of the unique features of these coupons. Besides reputed brand of vaporizers, these unique coupons will also enable to you to buy various accessories using which you can certainly vape in a style. Vapor Alley offers various types of e liquids, e cig cases that you will be able to buy from the store at an affordable price.

  • Will be available to use just once

This is also a major feature of this unique coupon. You will get the opportunity to use a specific coupon of Vapor Alley for just a single purchase. So it will certainly be wise for you to use the coupon in an effective way.

These are some of the unique features of various coupons that are being offered by Vapor Alley to its valuable customers. It will certainly be wise for you to check the validity of the specific coupon before using it in order to avail huge amount of discount.

What are pros of using this coupon?

  • Get to purchase vaporizers at an affordable price

This is one of the major benefits that you will be able to experience on using the coupons. Get to purchase your favorite vaporizers at an affordable price.

  • Will get to enjoy up to 50% off

With the help of these coupons, you will also get to enjoy 50% off on a single purchase vaporizers and even vaping accessories.

These are some of the major benefits that you will be able to enjoy on using the Vapor Alley discount. Make sure to use the coupons wisely in order to buy high end vaporizers at an affordable price.